It’s the beginning of Year 2010..I am excited as there will be new challenges ahead.  The new school term will begin next week.  I’ll be having new group of children in a new environment.  I have been thinking about my lesson plans for this new year.  I hope my teaching will be able :

1.  To stimulate the children interest in learning.

2.  To cultivate creative thinkers and problem solvers.

Setting goals are important so that we have a direction in our teaching.  We would be able to plan our every day lesson plans more effectively.  For instance, I want to build up creative thinkers at young can I do that?  It can be achieved by organizing related activities that help allow them to think independently and dare to share their opinions even right or wrong.  Most important is that each child is willing to share and participate more actively.  This way will help them build their self-confident and self-esteem indirectly.

I started to draw out some lesson plans that I like to work with my children in school.  At the same time, I really hope that I can get parents to participate in creating a fun learning environment not just in school but at home too.  Learning is an on going process.  Learning is not just about recognizing words and be able to write independently…but learning is also about being able to understand his environment.  Adults needs to create awareness and enthusiasm among the child.  Teaching helps me to relearn a lot of things in order to gather the information and deliver them to the children.  Many times, we learn and explore together.  That is why I’m having so much fun.  We, both adults and children, are like scientist, discovering the environment bit by bit as well as getting to know each other while we are exploring our surrounding.

I just can’t wait to see my kids and begin a new journey in year 2010!