This afternoon, one of my children was staying back in school waiting to attend her ballet class.  I told her earlier that I would not be able to accompany her later as I have to attend a meeting in the school.  She took her snack and I have changed her.  She waited in an area with other children for her class that would start in another 15 minutes.

I came to her, “Darling, I have to attend the meeting now…”.  Before I could continue, “Teacher, you don’t have to worry about me, I can take care of myself,” she said confidently.  “You sure?”, I asked again.  “Yes, I can take care of myself.” she said and turned her back to the toys.

I looked at her proudly.  A four years old managed to comfort me with her understanding attitude.  Of course, there was an on-duty teacher to look after the children in that area.  She was playing with toys happily when I was walking away from the area rushing to the meeting.

She is an angel!