Have you ever felt rejected by a child?  You tried to hold a child, but the child cried.  You tried to touch a child, he ran away crying.  Yes, I have lots of them especially when new school term begins.  I was once pushed and punched by a little girl when I tried to talk to her.  These are good experiences because they helped us become better in handling and approaching children.

I heard adult concluded that a child rejected her because of her body size, skin color and so on.  Do you really think children are not attached to a teacher because she has a huge body?  Do you agree that children afraid of you because you possess a dark skin color?

Children afraid because they are not familiar with us.  They are trying to tell us that we need to make some effort to get them to trust us and be comfortable with us.  Children develop insecurity within themselves when they are exposed to new environment includes the setting and the people.  Most children become nervous or uncomfortable when their mommy left them in a new environment alone with strangers around.  Therefore, daily routine is very important to help a child develop familiarity in an environment.  Once children are familiar with the routine and environment, they become calmer and less tantrums.

What should I do to eliminate the fear within child towards me?

First of all, we should love ourselves for being who we are and what we are.  We should be comfortable with our body and physical look.  Maintain a clean, tidy and confident appearance.  When we look good, we feel good.  Think positive and maintain good feelings within ourselves.  When we feel good, we look great!  Happy adults nurture happy children!

Plan interesting activities that we can build positive bonding with our children every day.  Spending time together helps both adult and child getting to know each other better.  Children bond with us faster if they have fun with us.  Laughter is the best formula to create good feeling towards someone.  Of course, care and love are “MUST HAVE” ingredients to build a strong bond with a child.

Be patient and continue the efforts to bond with a child!  Cherish the moments we spend with our children, they will cherish us as well!